sexta-feira, agosto 06, 2010

Paulo & Sofia's former CS reference

S&P, ah! What 2 say about them? S is surely the XVIth incarnation of the Buda, who's submitting to torture in order to reach inlightment (the only valid reason 2 still be with P...); P thinks he can fool people by saying annoying "I pick on you jokes", when in fact he is really just a teddy bear lol
I loved being w/ them and hope we can meet (not meat!) again, wether in Porto, Lisbon or Paris :) Then I can stalk them a little more & with some luck find equally nice b cheaper places 4 us 2 hang out :P
2/12/09 Me & my sister got lost in an aeroport and ended up going to Paris... P&S tried to loose us, but I already had stalking training, so they really had to take us in :)
They are great, committed hosts and I guess I can say that to me, really, they are more a couple of good friends than anything else :)
24-4-10 P stayed at my place without S, who was earning €s so he could travel around. It was AMAZING :) We shared a lot of experiences & stories. P's cooking is FANTASTIC.Bjs,maninho!

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