sexta-feira, janeiro 17, 2014


[into mind] upgrade your wardrobe in 30 minutes a day: a 2-week programme

FRIDAY – Day 5
Your ideal wardrobe should not only represent your style concept but also be perfectly tailored to your lifestyle. Ignore your style guide for today and spend a bit of time thinking about what kinds of outfits you need for all the different activities in your life, e.g. work, weekends, lounging, gym, everday, nightlife, etc. Estimate how many outfits per activity you need in a three-week period. Feel free to create a little diagramme, like in this post, to visualize your lifestyle and help you compare it to your wardrobe.

Só para vos dizer que este exercício serviu para me fazer perceber o quão patética a minha vida anda.

nooooooooooooooooooooooooooossa! Que biolência!

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