terça-feira, abril 06, 2004

Ó povo das ciências e tecnologias que teme ter de viver do fundo de desmprego, conheceis vós o programa Vulcanus?

Are you eligible?
Applicants should be:
EU nationals
engineering or science students*
In accordance with the regulations of their respective universities, the students will be either undergraduates or postgraduate students who are able to take a year out - as a recognised part of their course or as a year off - or postgraduates.

*Computer science, science engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical, electronics, biotechnology, electrical engineering, physics, telecommunication, information, nuclear engineering, civil engineering, metal materials, ceramics, production system,…

Who pays what
This programme is financed by the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation (a joint venture co-financed by the European Commission and the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry), and the Japanese host company. The European students are awarded a grant (€ 15,000) to cover the cost of travel to and from Japan and living expenses in Japan. There is no charge for the language course and seminar, and accommodation is provided free of charge during the course and seminar and the company traineeship.

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